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Road to Newtown

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Newtown Station

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Caersws Station

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05-12-2016 at 6:22 PM

New Website Launched

You may notice a newer and fresher feel to our website. If you want to advise Mochdre with Penstrowed Community Council of any forthcoming local events, or news items  please complete the "Contact us" box, which can be found at the top of each web page.

News Flash! 06/06/18

Rhydycwrt Bridge was hit by a vehicle on Monday night causing it to partially collapse. Powys County Council's HGSS Supervisor has inspected it and declared it to be unsafe. Thus the road has been closed until further notice, and unfortunately this means a long diversion is now in operation.

12/06/18 UPDATE:

With the public's safety in mind, the bridge could be closed for up to 4-6 weeks because at present it is too dangerous for vehicles to use.

26/06/18 UPDATE:

Scaffolding being erected today (Tuesday). Hope to take down barrier, existing post and rail parapets later in the week. Downstream parapet will be replaced at same time. Hope to start rebuilding the spandrel wall next week (beg 2nd July) and then kerbing and reinstatement of the carriageway the following week (beg 9th July). All being well the road will be re-opened by Monday, 16th July.

19/07/18 UPDATE:

The C2025, Rhyd-y-Cwrt Bridge is now open.

The U2820, Swyn-y-Nant Ford will be closed between 23rd and 27th July (for Ford repairs).

The C2025, Rhyd-y-Cwrt Bridge will be closed again between 30th July and 3rd August (for kerbing works).

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